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We review only the ones that count

We review many bankruptcy companies but only a small number of them make it into our published reviews.

This is because experience has told us that the average person needing to file bankruptcy wants to narrow their choices to only the ones that count. If you need to file bankruptcy in a hurry, the last thing you need is the confusion and tediuM of sorting through dozens of choices. We have heard you and in response, we have pared the number of companies from a couple dozen, down to the very best.

Review Criteria

To make it into our review, we select only the following:

  • Companies that have a nationwide reach
  • For attorneys, since they are limited to their home states, they have to have multiple offices in their state.
  • The company must have earned 3 1/2 stars or above. This tends to weed out the lower tier companies that have yet to prove themselves.
  • The company has to have an honest and ethical operation.
  • The company has to have a responsive customer service. 
  • It helps if the company has been in the bankruptcy business for at least 10 years.
  • In order to remain in the review, the company has to continue to meet our criteria.

A company cannot pay to be included in the review and we do not receive a quid pro quo from any company that is included in the review.

We need your input

We have found that our readers prefer to hear from fellow readers more than from our editor reviews. Only a person who has filed bankruptcy or used the services of the companies in the review know firsthand what the experience is. So we encourage you to leave us your comments if you have used any of the reviewed companies. 

If you want your picture and rating inserted in your comment, include that information in the comment. For icon images, include it in your comment as a url to your Gravatar. We do not tolerate company self-endorsements or spamming. Do not use the comments section for offensive language. Our editors moderate the comments to ensure that the rules are observed. If you have left us a comment, it will take some time before we can moderate it.

Not everyone can afford an attorney and not every bankruptcy needs an attorney. If you can save a lot of money in lawyer fees and get a great bankruptcy, why not? 

There are many thousands of bankruptcy lawyers nationwide but there are only a small handful of full-service bankruptcy companies. If you prefer to use an attorney, we tell you which ones have a good track record. If you prefer the sensible alternative, we tell you which full-service bankruptcy experts will match the quality of the top lawyers and why. In the end, it is about one person and that is YOU! Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better your bankruptcy filing will be. 

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